Charles Anderson
Grant Administrator/Trustee

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
455 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

10 August 2023

Subject: Request for Bid and Qualifications for Architectural Services – Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and Parsonage

I am writing on behalf of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama to request a bid and qualifications from your esteemed architectural firm for providing architectural services for our church building and parsonage. We are seeking architectural services to include schematic design, design development, construction documents and/or construction administration.

The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, with its rich history and cultural significance, has played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement and holds great importance to our community. Our organization is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of this iconic structure, ensuring its historical integrity while enhancing its functionality for future generations.

We are seeking an architectural firm with extensive experience in historical preservation and restoration, specifically working with significant religious and cultural buildings. The selected firm will be responsible for conducting a thorough assessment of the current state of the church and its parsonage and providing the items listed in the first paragraph. The architectural services and construction are being funded by a grant from the National Park Service through its African American Civil Rights Grant and follow the grant guidance, requirements and restrictions.

The scope of work for this project includes, but is not limited to:

1. Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the building’s structural integrity, including its foundation, walls, roof, and other key components.
2. Developing a detailed restoration plan that addresses any deterioration, damage, or architectural deficiencies.
3. Providing recommendations for preserving and restoring the church and parsonage’s historical features, such as stained-glass windows, decorative elements, and original architectural details.
4. Designing any necessary modifications to improve accessibility, functionality, and safety while respecting the historical character of the building.
5. Coordinating with relevant stakeholders, including the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church leadership, historical preservation organizations, and local authorities.

We kindly request that your bid and qualifications package include the following information:

1. An overview of your architectural firm, including its history, areas of expertise, and notable projects related to historical preservation.
2. The qualifications and experience of the project team members who will be directly involved in this engagement.
3. A description of your firm’s approach to historical preservation, including any innovative techniques or methodologies utilized.
4. References from previous clients who can speak to your firm’s expertise in historical preservation and restoration.
5. An estimated project timeline, including key milestones and deliverables.

Please submit your bid and qualifications package no later than 1 September 2023. The package should be submitted electronically to ( ). If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding this request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with an architectural firm of your caliber and look forward to reviewing your bid and qualifications package. We believe that your expertise will be invaluable in preserving the historical significance of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and its parsonage for future generations.

Thank you,

Charles Anderson

Grant Administrator/Trustee
Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church