The Alabama State University Center for Leadership and Public Policy began as a concept long before it started operating in 1999.

A group of visionary leaders at ASU recognized that many of Alabama’s greatest challenges had lingered for decades. These individuals believed that creative new approaches from innovative thinkers could provide workable solutions to meet the state’s unmet challenges. One way the Center helps to meet the state’s unmet challenges is through its Bridge Builders Breakfast Series. Leaders from government, education, law, and other fields engage in honest, productive dialog with citizens who are committed to affecting positive change in their communities. These breakfasts provide unprecedented opportunities to bridge the gaps that exist in the forms of social, racial and economic isolation. Working for social justice and economic empowerment, these non-partisan events seek common ground and promote uncommon vision.

For more information, see ASU’s website or contact ASU’s Center for Leadership and Public Policy at 334-229-6019.