S.T.E.P. was organized around a basic framework of religious, charitable, literary and educational services to the at-risk communities of the River Region.

S.T.E.P. seeks to elevate people spiritually, emotionally, and physically through inner-city missions.

The philosophy behind S.T.E.P. is that its staff, volunteers, and associated churches move into an at-risk area of the region and work with the people living in that community. S.T.E.P. also partners with various agencies who are providing other services within that community. S.T.E.P. serves as a catalyst for mobilizing various resources in the community such as the housing authority, schools, churches, police department, resident councils and other helping agencies to come together to work for a common cause of elevating all of God’s children. S.T.E.P. is in the business of helping people over the long haul.

Some examples of the accomplishments of the S.T.E.P. mission are the Academy of Performing Arts, Evangelism Programs, Family Violence Prevention Program, Tutoring Ministries, Summer Youth Activities and Mentoring & Counseling for at-risk youth.

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